Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alexander McCall Smith, Tears of the Giraffe

Alexander McCall Smith, Tears of the Giraffe. I enjoy these stories, even if they are maybe overly sweet. This follows The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and is a similar simple and compelling book that is not so much mystery as short interlude in Precious Ramotswe's life. Portuguese Irregular Verbs (a collection of short stories by Smith) was absolutely hilarious and you get touches of the same absurdist humor in this series. I do think there is a little too much philosophizing and moral reflection going on - I read these books because I enjoy the humor - not particularly because I want to be touched by Mma Ramatswe's unique perspective every other page.


Jenny Clay said...

Funny, I like the philosophical musings better than the humor. It is somehow comforting to read a book set in present day Africa that seems so normal.

gwen said...

Well, I agree about the normalcy - and I actually like the voice of Mma Ramotswe, but she seemed a little repetitive.