Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia

Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia. I love Oliver Sacks. What I love most about his books is the boundless curiosity that spreads out from topic to topic, and I also appreciate the respect and obvious love he has for his patients. He has a passion for music himself, and so the exploration of the neurology of music was captivating, and more personal than some of his other books. This book also had a little less natural structure and tightness than some of his other collections. Lots of stories about memory loss and brain injury that alter musical experience, and summaries of interesting research and case studies related to music and the brain. I'm not a very musical person myself, but as I read this I did think about the place music has in my head, about the memories and emotions it can evoke -and I also thought about other more musical people I know, and how large a portion of their lives is wrapped up in playing and listening to music. Matt is like that, and it baffles me. I think my involvement with books is just as mysterious to him as his musical focus is to me.


Mark said...

Hi Gwen. I had to stop by to get some culture after the Clay Review! I find your reviews refreshing, concise and interesting. I've started reading Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks and also enjoy his curiosity about and engagement with the world. I interrupted that book to read The Audacity of Hope by Obama (oh, and some Nero Wolfe too). Obama also seems to be fascinated by the world and people around him. Always reflecting and analysing. It's very refreshing in a presidential candidate, though occasionally I suspect his motives when he hits political topics.

gwen said...

thanks dad! I'd like to read the Obama book, but it might feed my unhealthy addiction to politics (it's bad for my personality).