Sunday, February 10, 2008

A. S. Byatt, Little Black Book of Stories

A. S. Byatt, Little Black Book of Stories. A Stone Woman was a magnificent and memorable image made into a story - I dreamt of turning to stone after reading it. Didn't so much care for Raw Material - the writer was just not convincing (ha). All of the stories were enjoyable. Byatt is always entertaining and clever. Her erudite characters make me wish I was better educated in the classics. Why didn't I attempt Latin instead of failing miserably at French and Spanish? I'll never feel learned unless I learn some Latin, but I don't think my chances are good.

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rosie said...

Gwen--this doesn't have anything to do with your review, but remember the Francis story books? you do, right? ok, well did you know that the author(Russell Hoban) wrote adult fiction too? Yeah, My english teacher(he has a course on children's lit.) told me about one of those books; Riddley Walker. I'm half way through or so and I bet you'd like it.
I could describe it, but after all it's your book blog, and I know it doesn't take too much convincing to get you to read a book!