Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alan Zweibel, The Other Shulman

Alan Zweibel, The Other Shulman. Shulman is your middle aged faintly whiny guy who's just realized he's no longer a promising young man; he's a familiar character, which actually makes the fact that he has an evil double pretty funny. Shulman's lost (and gained) enough weight over his life to make a second person and that person has decided to ruin his life. There are some hilarious moments as Shulman clomps along in training to shamble through a marathon, and his love of stationary is genuinely endearing.


Nicole said...

Oh - I'm glad you wound up reading this and found him endearing and funny. GLUE! GLUE! GLUE! I really thought it was a refreshing book.

gwen said...

I really enjoyed it - thanks for the recc!