Monday, December 08, 2014

More assorted sci-fi, mystery, comics

More assorted sci-fi, mystery, and comics. Dan Simmons Hyperion, George R.R. Martin Dreamsongs; Diana Gabaldon Outlander; Vernor Vinge Marooned in Realtime; G. Willow Wilson and M. K. Perker Air series; Mike Carey and Peter Gross The Unwritten series; and Dorothy Sayers and Robert Eustace The Documents in the Case. The V. Vinge was pretty fun, the Gabaldon was embarrassingly smutty (the closest thing I've ever read to a bodice-ripper and listing it is mortifying) the Sayers collaboration was solid but with lots of self-indulgent pseudo-biological theological excursions, Air was boring, and The Unwritten was fun. Nothing great.

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gwen said...

Not sure why I don't mind sex, but romance makes me squirm? Don't know. Probably a twisted childhood!